By definition, escapism is to fantasize, daydream, and escape reality. As human beings, we all have our own unique definition of escapism and how we use it in our lives to bring about more creativity, curiosity, passion and balance. We take every opportunity to seek and welcome the kind of distractions that bring  joy, wanderlust, adventure and exploration to help foster a more creative and balanced connection between ourselves and our environments.

Take a moment to close your eyes, quiet your mind and take a deep breath. We invite you to take a magical journey with us as we share our moments of escapism and how we find creativity, peace and balance in the chaos of our current reality. This is a digital destination filled with hidden gems for camping and hiking,  picturesque scenes of the great outdoors, from the snow capped mountains to the lush river banks, and we will show you how to get lost and stay wild whether it’s on long road trips or camping out of your trunk.

Take the trip, enjoy every moment big and small, and celebrate a life you love.