Our Story

We met on a dating app, but we fell in love exploring nature in a campervan.

 2020 was an incredibly intense year for most, everyone has their own explanation of what the global pandemic meant to them, how they survived and what they learned while the whole world was on pause. For us, the pandemic was the ultimate gift. We met and instantly hit it off. While everything was shut down, we connected to the inner child in both of us and really played. We went on a 16-day road trip in a rented campervan, after only 2 weeks of knowing each other. We fell in love, deep in love with each other but also with the people we had become over the last year in quarantine. 

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate that we had the opportunity to date and get to know each other during this challenging time. Dating someone new, especially during a global pandemic was new territory and was definitely full of surprises. Shawn and I consciously created an environment, our own pod really, free of the usual social distractions and ultimately a new reality where we showed up exactly as we were, creating a unique bond with no hidden agendas and no games. We got outside, we explored the beauty that exists on the other side of the front door. We had no specific plan, no expectations, just the open road, the warmth of the sun and the ultimate knowing in our guts that this was exactly where we were supposed to be. I had never felt so alive, so connected, and so healthy in my entire life. I smiled differently, I glowed differently, I wanted to live differently. Our road trip was the turning point for both of us. We packed up our lives in LA and have created the lives we’ve always wanted in Colorado.

We are committed to living life on purpose and integrating the great outdoors into everything that we do. Being in nature is scientifically proven to improve mental health, physical well-being and our spiritual connection. These pillars are  woven into everything that we create.  We have spent the last year creating a brand that not only inspires, but educates, connects and creates products and resources for the wanderer in all of us. WANDERWEAR was created on the foundation of wellness, exploration, and connection. We didn’t just want to be another apparel brand, we wanted to create an intentional brand that moves you, literally. 

WANDERWEAR is a collaboration of everything we were put on this planet to share with the world and will be the legacy we leave behind. Shawn has brought my vision to life with his never ending support, unconditional love, incredible drive, and his authentic confidence in what we are creating together. We are so proud to share WANDERWEAR with our family, friends, and those near and far around the world.